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      7 Proofs  Why We Must Keep the Law & Testimony

Chapter 2     
God's Law (click here

Chapter 3     Keep the True Sabbath (click here

Chapter 4     Lawless Paul  (click here

Chapter 5     Son of God's True Name (click here)

Chapter 6     The YHWH Deception  (click here)

Chapter 7     666 Marks of the Beast  (click here)

Chapter 8     The Cross Deception  (click here)

Chapter 9     The Early "Chrestians" (click here)

Chapter 10   True-False Israelites  (click here)

Chapter 11   
Testimony of the Messiah  (click here

Chapter 12
Prophetic Feast Days  (click here)

Chapter 13   Prophetic Testimony  (click here)

Chapter 14   Scientific Testimony   (click here)

Chapter 15   Archaeological Testimony  (click here)

Chapter 16
The Garden Tomb   (click here)

Chapter 17   The Shroud of Turin  
(click here)

Chapter 18   
Messiah's "Missing Years" (click here)

Chapter 19   The Case for a Black Messiah (click here)

Chapter 20
The Only Biblical Religion  (click here)

Chapter 21   
Has the Apocalypse Begun?  (click here)

Chapter 22   
The Sin Checklist  (click here)

Chapter 23   A Glimpse of Heaven  (click here)

Final Comments  (click here)


                                                              Additional Revelations

  • Nazarenes translates from "Natsar" meaning "Keep, Guard, Watch" - the Way of God's Law (Torah) and Testimony
  • Three Luciferian 666 Marks of the Beast Blood & Spiritual Children of Israel who keep the Law Must NOT Accept
  • The True Hebrew Israelites of Abrahamic Origin - The Greatest Cover-Up, Fraud and Identity Theft in World History
  • God's 7 Old Testament Biblical Feast Days are the Rehearsal Celebrations of the Messiah's 1st & now 2nd Coming
  • Christians are NOT found in the Original Bibles - The name "Chrestus" was Fraudulently Manipulated by the Church
  • Tithing was only Agricultural in nature; was only 10% of gain not on Principal & Given ONLY to Levitical Priesthood.
  • The Case for a "Black" Messiah: It's Precisely How He is Described by Daniel in OT & John in Book of Revelation
  • God's Law are those we are Instructed to Keep for Salvation - NOT Idolotrous & Pagan Rome's Altered Version.
  • The Deceiver Sha'ul (Paul)'s Heretical and Lawless Doctrine Conclusively Proven to be Against the Word of God
  • Archaeology, Prophecy, and Science are Undeniable Testimonials of the Existence of God and Events in the Bible
  • Scripture, the Shroud of Turin, and Science Prove the Nazarene Messiah was Nailed to a Stake - NOT a Cross 
  • The Messiah is NOT the Cross - the Cross is NOT the Messiah or Salvation - it's a Symbol of His Torture & Death
  • The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem is the Actual Burial Place of the Nazarene - it was NOT at the "Holy Sepulchre"
  • Extensive documentation in the Far East proves the Messiah was there to Search for the Lost Tribes of Israel 
  • Scripture proves God's 7th Day Sabbath to be Kept in New Earth and New Heaven Reaffirming to Keep the Law
  • Discover How the Shroud of Turin Validates The Nazarene Code to keep the Law & Testimony of the Nazarene 
  • Physics, Mathematics, Empirical Data & Experiments Clearly Prove the World is Stationary as God clearly stated
  • WW3: Christians vs Muslims Planned Since 1871 - It is all setup NOW to Introduce the NWO Beast of Revelation

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NO CATCH & NO MONEY ASKED:  This site is for education, edification and information purposes only (visit 
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 of steering you to join some organized religion or cult to which you should never give your hard-earned
     money to.
 In fact, you need to save as much as possible - very hard times are coming. Tithing was only for the Levitical
     priesthood which came to an end after the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD so don't fall for this fraudulent practice nor
     give to hypocritical churches or "feel good" ministries who never share their 
vast wealth with the ill, poor, starving or
     victims of war.
 The lifestyle and message of the Messiah and Apostles falls deaf to these criminals, frauds and hucksters
     who would do well to heed the Word of the Almighty:

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give to the one who thirsts from the spring of the 
     water of life without cost."  Rev 21:6


2.  RELY ON ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTSAlways go with the ORIGINAL version of the scriptures be it the Paleo Hebrew 
     bible, the Targum Onkelos (the original Aramaic bible) or the Septuagint (LXX) - the original Greek bible when
     searching for the true, original names or a passage of scripture over modern-day bibles since most, if not all, have
     undergone major textual changes from the original wording.
 The purpose of this publication is to reveal to you the words
     of the Father and Messiah to enter the Kingdom of Heaven as they were ORIGINALLY WRITTEN. PUT YOUR FAITH

4.  NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING: No one is assured a place in the kingdom of heaven. If such were the case, there would 
     be no need for a Judgment Day. Even if you believe you have "heard and seen it all before" and "know" your ultimate 
     outcome on Judgment Day, you don't. As you will discover, it's neither as automatic nor as easy as you have been led to 
     believe. So don't assume your assured a place in heaven - it will make you complacent in your faith which makes you an 
     easier prey to fall into the hands of the Evil One.

BE PATIENT: There's a lot of material to cover and much of it will go against what you've been taught and in effect, 
     programmed to believe.  The Home Page in particular is a slow read at the outset to prepare you for the Nazarene 
     Code scriptures but this is done to better comprehend them once you read them. Set aside time to read the material in 
     this site in the numerical order of the chapters in order to best comprehend the message of The Nazarene Code, the 
     articles linked outside the site and view the videos posted - they have been set aside for special reason to further
     convey the message of The Nazarene Code which is based on truth and honesty. No claim is made herein without
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. It is strongly 
     recommended you return immediately to the page of this site you were viewing if you are directed to a link elsewhere in 
     order for continuity and to stay "on topic".

As you read The Nazarene Code, open an additional browser alongside it 
     to which is an excellent tool for looking up scripture from various bible versions, languages (Multi) 
     Lexicon (Strong's Greek & Hebrew Concordance) and interlinear sources. 
Don't get stuck on following one bible only 
     (ex: King James version - KJV) - look at the others as well. This is very important because many, if not most, hard and 
     soft-cover bibles today have revised the wording and context which literally distort the true meaning 
of the original 
     scriptural versions. This publication looks to provide the truth regardless of the source thus a
 number of sources are 
     used which can range from a number of different religious and 
secular sources so again, put your prejudices and years 
     of programming aside - keep an open mind, be objective - the truth is all that matters.

     have an open mind - do not fear the truth. If what you currently believe is true, you have nothing to worry about. If, however,
     what you believe does not hold up to scrutiny, something's obviously wrong. Trust nothing until you have seen
     the evidence for yourself. Much of what you will learn will go against what you've been taught, told or programmed
     thru constant indoctrination to believe - I should know - I "bought" the narrative for years until my reasoning could no
     longer rationalize the contradictions. If you truly have the courage and passion for the truth you will find that there is
     no denying scripture, cold hard facts and deductive reasoning. Weigh the evidence and connect the dots - once you do
     you will see how plainly obvious what the ultimate message of the bible is. 

The author does not judge anyone - this is only for the Messiah to determine on Judgment Day. Judge for yourself if the scriptural evidence and argumentative analysis of the claims made are sound to change your life(style) and faith - this is something only your heart and mind will determine and no one else.

Let's get started.