Final Comments

                                                            The Kingdom
                       is Looking for a Few Good Saints



Don't fear the truth. 

The Nazarene Code was not created to stir controversy for the sake of being rebellious. It began with a simple question: What specifically are the bottom line requirements we are judged by to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

The answer came one fall day in 2009. As the Nazarene Code grew and took a life of its own, it took me to other areas I had never come across before nor was taught. What I realized is that we have been deceived far beyond what one can possibly imagine which at times was quite difficult to bear having been raised Catholic with 3 aunts who were Roman Catholic nuns and having both served as a Eucharistic Minister and having worked for an Adventist organization that published its magazine worldwide. But a consuming desire for the truth became a 5 year and counting labor of love whose discoveries have made their way into this publication to share with you.

The material presented in this publication was presented after arduous and extensive research to find the truth because ultimately, that's all that matters particularly if it involves our eternal life. Put aside your current belief system for a moment and look into the material before you make a snap judgment that it's wrong or untrue. If what you believe still holds up AFTER you have extensively researched the material and tested it for consistency and it's contrary to the Word of God spoken by the Creator Father and Messiah presented here (note the emphasis on the Word spoken BY the Creator Father and Messiah and NO ONE ELSE because Theirs is the ultimate and final Word) let me know - I'll be more than happy to admit I was wrong and immediately change the message of The Nazarene Code.

Do not assume your religion is the "right one" nor that you already know the true message of the Bible - odds are, you don't nor for that matter, does your pastor, priest, rabbi, reverend or whatever your "spiritual leader". I can confidently state this because I have challenged quite a number of them armed with the evidence presented here and either silence or clueless babble without scriptural support is their response. These are not "men of God" if they don't keep Their commandments.

When I was Catholic/Christian, I was very aware of Rome's 10 commandments but sinned away without giving it a second thought. Once I began keeping the Law (Torah), something happened. A huge change in my conduct and consideration of others changed from night to day. My conscience will truly bother me after I realized I did some wrong. This never ever happened before. How true the words of John:

By this we know that we have come to know Him, if we keep His commandments. 4The one who says, "I have come to know Him," and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him;  1 John 2:3-4

The Kingdom of Heaven Preached

Stop and think when was the last time you heard these supposed "men of God" preach about the Kingdom of Heaven? That was the whole point of the Messiah's mission on earth and as he commanded His Apostles to do as well. Frankly, I don't ever recall having heard this preached once - not one single time - much less HOW to get there. Do you?

To best understand "The Bible Message" of The Nazarene Code read the publication in the numerical order as it is laid out in the Table of Contents - it will make far more sense this way then randomly hopping from one chapter to another. Every topic of each chapter was approached from a very logical and scholarly angle coupled with a very open mind though in most cases it went contrary to what I had been raised and taught to believe nearly my entire life. After weighing the preponderance of evidence, a conclusion was reached and published for the reader to consider against their belief system or non-belief system as the case might be. You will see how the message of the Nazarene Code fits together perfectly if and when you read the publication in its entirety which is contrary to how the Bible had seemed to come across to me growing up with the Old Covenant "God" saying and doing one thing then "Jesus" in the New Testament saying and doing something else and right after "Jesus" is gone Paul preaches something entirely different from "God" or "Jesus". Is it any wonder why there are so many interpretations of the Bible?  Well rest assured The Nazarene Code puts the Bible's "Ultimate Message" in proper perspective - but in order to understand it I repeat - READ the points thru and thru and confirm them -  trust me it will be well worth your time and effort. "The Message" is there and it is VERY CLEAR. Once you "Get It" you will discover how time after time, "The Bible Message" becomes increasingly more clear and a far greater understanding of unfolding events become very clear as to their intent and purpose. No doubt there will be those in denial - but that is because they do not have the Truth in them for one simple reason: scripture supports this 100%.

So as you read each chapter, I ask that you approach it the way I did - with open heart, mind, and soul.  I am fully aware that the Bible has inconsistencies, undergone redactions and mistranslations but there is no denying its countless fulfilled prophecies, archaeologically-backed finds that supports its accounts and its underlying message of eternal life that escaped concerted efforts to conceal, destroy, or keep silent about it. 

Death is the beginning of all Eternity so take time to research the material presented here very carefully - what you will discover here is a truth quite contrary to what you've been told all your life. The claim of the Nazarene Code is not based on a vague re-interpretation of some isolated scripture - quite the contrary - it is based on over 100 incredibly clear, 
profound consistently-themed scriptures from Genesis to Revelation quoted of the Father and the Son to Keep Their Law (the Torah) and Testimony.  The world does not understand this. Do you know who God is? Then if you do, and If you sincerely follow the Word of God, you would follow what They Themselves tell you. If you think that's an obvious conclusion, is Paul God? The Christian world will say no, of course not... yet they blindly follow his heretical, Lawless word completely over the Word spoken by the Father and the Son. Contrary to the lies spouted by Christian ministers whose faith was founded by the deceiving heretic Lawless-preaching Paul (see here), Gentiles were NEVER given any special dispensation from the Law either by the Father, the Prophets, the Messiah nor the 12 Apostles. 

The serpent satan in his arrogance believes he can and will overcome the Most High - but he is simply playing the role he was scripted to play in the Master End Game - he simply cannot win and will have his head crushed as was prophesied. The God-less, inhuman politicians and war criminals who are destroying millions of lives will have a horrific price to pay for their actions. Before HaSatan faces his ultimate outcome, he will however take as many witless souls as possible - don't be one of them.

The lie of living Lawlessly has deceived the world and it is for this reason that the Messiah is soon to unleash the Apocalypse upon man - The fact is, you don't have much time left to get right with God so don't waste another moment to do so.

Shalom !